February 2020



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Feb. 27th, 2020

Trauma Posting.

I wrote about someone posting distressing shite on Farcebook (linky http://pomonasprout.insanejournal.com/248794.html?style=mine).

Then a friend with PTS asked if people could stop posting a particularly triggering thing she saw - something very gory - because it was especially bad for her having seen some very similar gore as a child in Northern Ireland.

People post this kind of thing to deliberately upset people. It's a sick way to feed off their reactions.

But it seems to be ramping up in the past week or so, so psychic weather is bringing out the psychos and demonically infected.

Feb. 18th, 2020

Snakes and Mucha and Cats, oh my...

I've been seeing snakes everywhere for a few weeks now. In particular black ones. (Nothing to do with basketball players.)

Also the Mucha Tarot keeps appearing randomly and now various cat-themed tarot decks.

Dec. 17th, 2019

Bird omens.

Augury isn't exactly fashionable.

Perhaps because you can't stick a deck of birds in your pocket and consult it (or wave it about and get attention).

But bird omens appear in a huge variety of cultures and birds are often linked with the gods.

The thing is, bird omens used to be casually observed by many folk and not just those with an interest in the occult. This, along with most folklore, is dying out. At the weekend I was buying some bird food in the local hardware shop and telling the manager that we've got a robin who thinks all the food is for him and tries to chase off all the other birds. We discussed how territorial the wee feckers are and then he said "They say if you see a robin on it's own it's the spirit of someone close to you who has died." Just like that, a bit of folklore about birds.

At least the little birds have found the feeders now. Lots of tits, the psycho robin, some starlings visiting every day. Also a dunnock and a wren who hop along the floor picking up the bits the others have scattered. This is on top of the long-term visiting of the collared doves and wood pigeons.

Nov. 11th, 2019

Excuse YOU, Bitch..

What the actual fuck have I just read? "before there was anything approximating an anti-capitalist pagan movement, and before I knew either of the two, I happened upon an essay which still makes me shudder when I read it"

Said essay was from 2014.

There was an anti-capitalist pagan movement in the fucking 1980s - I'm not especially a fan of Starhawk, to give the obvious example, but that's what she and her group were doing back then and still do now.

There was a LOT that grew out of the hippies and anarchist punks of the 60s and 70s and they continued to battle (some still do).

Oh, there wasn't a highly visible, cunningly marketed, FOR PROFIT movement.

These cockwombles are selling their bullshit. It's very pretty bullshit (bound in goat-skin and written in the blood of a unicorn). But it's heavily marketed and self-congratulatory wank. Florid shite pretending to have profound insight. It is, in short, the Emperor's New Clothes.

Buy this book of hype and we'll be able to fund our sanctimonious lifestyles...

Aug. 21st, 2019

Oil From A Camel's Arsehole!

Uttered mid-rant by a tradwitch when trying to explain that when "exotic" ingredients appear in "traditional" spells you aren't looking at traditional witchcraft. _Possibly_ something from Ceremonial Magick or some Grimoire for the kind of Cunning Man who pretended such things were within his reach to impress clients.

We use what we have, when we have it. Traditionally, this meant local, natural or something that was treasured. If you're well inland then seashells are "exotic". If you're poor then any bought ingredients, even something "commonplace" like salt, can be expensive.

Local, readily available materials are NOT WEAK. Deadly nightshade is still deadly whether you got it from a nearby hedgerow or if you bought it from Witchypoo and Woo Majiqal supplies run by Lady Fucknugget Twatwaffle the hereditary ninth degree wiccan druidess (you can find such grandiose people quite easily should you wish to).

Mugwort, plantain, dandelion, hawthorn, stones, graveyard dirt, bindweed, rosehips, spring water, nettle cord, feathers, pebbles, animal bones, bits of wool thread...

Use what you have, when you have it.

Jul. 29th, 2019

Aaaaand there's another one.

Another subscription box. This one is proudly vegan - but includes environmentally unfriendly crystals and plastic shite. Is expensive $50 a month. But it "donates to a cat rescue".

Also been busted using a spell from the TV Series Charmed.

All this on top of the general wastefulness/consumerism.

Plus the commodification of spirituality.
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Jun. 27th, 2019

Everyday Paganism...


I've ranted about this before (just look under the "playgan" tag on this and the main journal).

It's becoming increasingly frustrating to do research on the interweb these days. "Wicca" seems to cover absolutely anything. "Traditional witchcraft" has also been hijacked as a term and thoroughly commodified and monetised by instagram models who peddle glittery body-lotion as flying ointment and love a bit (a lot) of cultural appropriation. Just because you are white doesn't mean you can appropriate specific European cultures. There has been a big (genuine) Slavic revival in recent years and this is now being hijacked by the insta-witches because it looks cool.

Theres a lot "Traditional" witches who are using stuff that is in no-way traditional and doing a lot of dressing up, peddling shiny shit and talking total bollocks and miss out a lot of the important work.

I think back to most of the rituals I've done whether alone or with others, nobody had time or inclination to get a sodding camera out or "share" it. For fuck's sake a lot of what we did was absolutely SECRET and rarely talked about within the group once the ritual was done.

Jun. 7th, 2019

Whispering Witches.


Cursing in Mexico.


May. 14th, 2019

Further Thoughts on Witch Boxes.

Some of the boxes have a "goddess of the month" thing or "themes" - prosperity, love, protection, etc...

Now I'm starting to wonder if money isn't the only thing they're harvesting.

Suppose you were running one of these scams and you've got a couple of hundred subscribers who will follow your instructions and do a ritual/spell you've created, using items you sent them at the time you specified.

Can you see where this is going?

Psychic link ups are nothing new. Some groups ask their members to do this, sometimes as part of the monthly disciplines or for a particular aim. That's good if everyone is aware of what they are doing and why.

But get cult-like groups or groups led by someone with a hidden agenda and they can hijack the power for their own means whilst the followers naively think they are doing something else entirely.

This is without the "plug in and play" aspects of what they are doing. There's a very superficial engagement with deities - here's an A5 card with some info about a goddess now go do a ritual and she'll manifest love, light and happiness in your miserable life. Next month it's another goddess and another ritual and another promise...

And all the time I wonder if those taking the money are really taking advantage not just monetarily but magically as well.

May. 8th, 2019

Yer Off Yer Bloody Box.

I really, truly am too fucking nice.

I've just discovered "witch boxes". It would never occur to me to do such a thing because it would never occur to me that such a thing should be done.

For the uninitiated (and they are for the fucking uninitiated...) these are boxes of "witchy" [1] items that you can buy with a monthly subscription. It's all a bit vague but for £27 or more per month you seem to get a bit of "occult" jewellery, incense sticks, bath salts, a crystal, some herbs and a candle and a greetings card or various other bits of tat.

I watched a couple of vids on yootoob because I wanted to see exactly what £27 got you. Not a fucking lot. I won't link because the young girl in the vids sounds like a nice enough person - nice enough to be taken for a ride by these gobshites. In one vid she says she's been subscribing since box three and they're now on box thirty three. So she's bought thirty of the bloody things. £810 'cause I know you were trying to work that out...

I don't understand subscription boxes AT ALL and witchy ones? Even the original ones which were cosmetics and shiny stuff are ridiculous. Who gets through all that stuff. If you gave me £27 a month to spend cosmetics or "witchy" stuff, I'd struggle to spend it on those things but can think of lots of other things I'd like to spend it on.

The Craft is not one size fits all and I'd be wary of anyone peddling spell kits or items like this. This is a kind of "plug in and play" witchcraft for the vulnerable wannabes.

It's also witchcraft (and paganism) embracing the capitalist, consumerist patriarchy instead of fucking smashing it. There, I said it.

No info on where the crystals are sourced from or how they are obtained. They put in "soy" candles and then stick in an abalone shell harvested from fuck knows where.

Then there's things like plastic skulls, and a piece of jewellery every month. SO. MUCH. TAT.

How is this vaguely environmentally responsible? Well, we all know it isn't. Constantly consuming non-renewables and saying you love the Earth is just cognitive dissonance with knobs on.

Then there's the claims of "these items are magically charged". JUST. FUCK. OFF.

At £27 a month you need 309 customers for a £100,000 turnover. There's probably fifty of these companies out there.

Everything is being commodified and consumed.

[1] Whenever I hear or see the word "witchy" I think of Granny Weatherwax referring to Mrs Earwig's robes as "witchy" as an insult.

Mar. 6th, 2019

Not Buying It.


That doesn't mean you should never buy anything but consider who/where it comes from. Want a knife? Find a blacksmith and purchase from them - or commission a knife. Yes, it will be fucking expensive but it will be unique, well-made and worth it.

Gather herbs or get them from a decent supplier. Back when I set out there was a fantastic herbalists shop in the Bull Ring in Birmingham. There was a nice herbalists stall in the Rag Market the last time I went - might still be there - selling herbs and soaps - and knowledgeable when I spoke to her. Contrast this with someone selling all kinds of tat and who looks entirely unhealthy and giving off bad vibes trying to sell you herbs for healing or magickal purposes.

All the useful stuff is basically weeds - mugwort, dandelion, nettle, burdock, cleavers, fennel, feverfew, etc. - when it comes to herbs. Spices are best bought from Indian shops and supermarkets.

Apr. 20th, 2018


"Ancestral connection is a branch of magic that an adept needs to fully understand. In order for a magician to step into the deeper mystical mysteries of magic, they go through a series of processes that start at the apprentice phase of training and come to completion as an adept. One of those processes is to connect with and face their blood ancestors and also the ancestors of the land that the magician now lives in. That connection forms part of a temporary pattern that bridges power and understanding for the magician.

Once the magician has learned what they need to learn, and has settled what they need to settle, the more advanced magician in preparation for adepthood first steps back from those ancestral lines, and finally cuts them. An adept is a freestanding spirit in the universe who is not held back by nor governed by ancestral baggage, suffering, ties, or calls for revenge. Before the adept can disconnect from those lines, he or she needs to fully immerse in work with those ties, and also learn how much of an influence ancestral spirits can have upon the living. "


This puts into words something I've been struggling with. I'm not Egyptian or African in any sense of the word and yet my Goddess is Egyptian and it's something I struggled with for a while.

I was on a Heathen (Germanic Paganism) Journey for quite some time. I worked within that framework and it includes (or should) ancestor work. I traced my family tree as far as I could being a peasant from a long line of peasants this is not so easy, especially pre-Civil War era. I did get back to the 17th Century on one line but then it gets really difficult. I also did some Ancestor work magically.

I had no compunction to step outside Germanic Paganism until the Lady of The Place of the Beginning of Time decided otherwise. To be honest, I was bewildered. Now I see that particular part of my journey was done and I was untetherd - Live Without A Net!

I struggled because NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THIS. Well, apart from Josephine McCarthy and others who have been there and done that. Try talking about this at a local level and you'll get accused of all sorts - cultural appropriation, self-hate, being "woo", picking a deity to look cool, ignoring your "roots" (oh, I can rant about that forever).

Now, I'm starting to see I was doing the Work instinctively - or with hidden guidance - rather than following what others said and becoming deadlocked in exactly the same places as they did. Some people do stay with something and that's cool but there's a difference between staying because it works and staying because you're too complacent or are being bound by ego or the ego of others. Letting go of something familiar can be good sometimes. How often do we stick with the "devil we know" when we don't need to stick with any devil's at all?

We build lobster pots of restrictions for ourselves and crawl in, feeling all happy with our pot, and then forget that we can crawl out again or even destroy the pot and return to the ocean and all it's wonder.

Dec. 22nd, 2017


Mullein (Great) Verbascum Thapsus

It is widely used for herbal remedies, with well-established emollient and astringent properties. Mullein remedies are especially recommended for coughs and related problems, but also used in topical applications against a variety of skin problems. The plant has also been used to make dyes and torches.

The dried leaves make excellent tinder because of the oil in the "hairs" and will usually catch quickly.

The plant signifies independence and dignity.


Oregano: Origarnum Vulgare

Marjoram: Origanum majorana

In many cases Oregano and Marjoram have the same usage.

Said to grow when our ancestors are well. Much loved by bees.


Mugwort: Artemesia Vulgaris

Uses: Journeying (mildly hallucinogenic), visions, flying. Moth repellent.

Cobwebs, cobwebs...

Someone shared a lovely video on Estonian Witchcraft. Have a peek..


Oct. 9th, 2017

I need to get in more.


One of the things my guide showed me was that cup and ring marks are portals - doorways to other worlds and realities.

Now listen to this: Especially around the eight minute mark onwards about the Karellian tradition.


Sep. 27th, 2017

On Playgans.

"it says more about people trying to be 'wanna be's' and 'being fashionable' rather than giving true intent to a belief system.....Oh! just like all the other book based religions! well!!!!!! who'd a guessed it?" a Trad Witch wot I know.

Now, most folks don't think of paganism as book based - and it shouldn't be. But. It. Is.

Not only that, the books it is based on are recently written by those who haven't shaken off their cultural and religious programming. They're carrying a lot of baggage and now everyone else is too.

You get the crappy bits of other religious beliefs married with rampant consumerism and self-absorption and the attention-grabbing bits of ancient spirituality (interpreted through the cultural bias of the author).

Result? Bollocks. Unmitigated, dysfunctional bollocks that attracts fuckwits who like attention.

A distraction for the meat golems.

This is why they like organised "events" and festivals rather than just going off into the woods - or even the back garden - and getting on with it. This is why they join groups and then have a "Witchier than thou" competition until they all start to look like the Grand Poobah of the Grand Order of The Crushed Velvet Robes.

This is why they build self-sustaining, self-policing cults of stupidity and get themselves into the shit. This is why instead of getting rid of the dysfunctional and dangerous types, they turn everything into a big counselling session and try to keep everyone - including the seriously mentally ill and dangerous predators - inside the bubble.

Sep. 20th, 2017

[No Subject]

"Because they've been raised on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Harry Potter and this idea that it.... or it doesn't exist any more than Frodo and Sam and the Lord of The Rings. What they don't understand is that magic is probably one of the most real forces in our society. It is basically the heart of everything from public relations, marketing, advertising, mind control, political spin even, of course, entertainment. It's all there, you know, the changing of will in people but they hear the word "magic" and they don't believe it."

That's the thing of the symbol, that all these meanings, all these ideas and all these emotional, psychological, sexual and social ideas are compressed into these shapes. Like the McDonald's symbol, you know underneath it there's all these horrible burgers and stuff like that. It doesn't matter if you don't like that food you immediately know what that means. The same with all these labels and fashion, the idea of all these, your personal insecurity, how you look, how you think about yourself, your social status, your financial status is all compressed into this logo. It's all compressed into this symbol. That's pure magick.... It's how your programmed to react to that symbol."

Thomas Sheridan