April 2018


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Apr. 20th, 2018


"Ancestral connection is a branch of magic that an adept needs to fully understand. In order for a magician to step into the deeper mystical mysteries of magic, they go through a series of processes that start at the apprentice phase of training and come to completion as an adept. One of those processes is to connect with and face their blood ancestors and also the ancestors of the land that the magician now lives in. That connection forms part of a temporary pattern that bridges power and understanding for the magician.

Once the magician has learned what they need to learn, and has settled what they need to settle, the more advanced magician in preparation for adepthood first steps back from those ancestral lines, and finally cuts them. An adept is a freestanding spirit in the universe who is not held back by nor governed by ancestral baggage, suffering, ties, or calls for revenge. Before the adept can disconnect from those lines, he or she needs to fully immerse in work with those ties, and also learn how much of an influence ancestral spirits can have upon the living. "


This puts into words something I've been struggling with. I'm not Egyptian or African in any sense of the word and yet my Goddess is Egyptian and it's something I struggled with for a while.

I was on a Heathen (Germanic Paganism) Journey for quite some time. I worked within that framework and it includes (or should) ancestor work. I traced my family tree as far as I could being a peasant from a long line of peasants this is not so easy, especially pre-Civil War era. I did get back to the 17th Century on one line but then it gets really difficult. I also did some Ancestor work magically.

I had no compunction to step outside Germanic Paganism until the Lady of The Place of the Beginning of Time decided otherwise. To be honest, I was bewildered. Now I see that particular part of my journey was done and I was untetherd - Live Without A Net!

I struggled because NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THIS. Well, apart from Josephine McCarthy and others who have been there and done that. Try talking about this at a local level and you'll get accused of all sorts - cultural appropriation, self-hate, being "woo", picking a deity to look cool, ignoring your "roots" (oh, I can rant about that forever).

Now, I'm starting to see I was doing the Work instinctively - or with hidden guidance - rather than following what others said and becoming deadlocked in exactly the same places as they did. Some people do stay with something and that's cool but there's a difference between staying because it works and staying because you're too complacent or are being bound by ego or the ego of others. Letting go of something familiar can be good sometimes. How often do we stick with the "devil we know" when we don't need to stick with any devil's at all?

We build lobster pots of restrictions for ourselves and crawl in, feeling all happy with our pot, and then forget that we can crawl out again or even destroy the pot and return to the ocean and all it's wonder.

Dec. 22nd, 2017


Mullein (Great) Verbascum Thapsus

It is widely used for herbal remedies, with well-established emollient and astringent properties. Mullein remedies are especially recommended for coughs and related problems, but also used in topical applications against a variety of skin problems. The plant has also been used to make dyes and torches.

The dried leaves make excellent tinder because of the oil in the "hairs" and will usually catch quickly.

The plant signifies independence and dignity.


Oregano: Origarnum Vulgare

Marjoram: Origanum majorana

In many cases Oregano and Marjoram have the same usage.

Said to grow when our ancestors are well. Much loved by bees.


Mugwort: Artemesia Vulgaris

Uses: Journeying (mildly hallucinogenic), visions, flying. Moth repellent.

Cobwebs, cobwebs...

Someone shared a lovely video on Estonian Witchcraft. Have a peek..


Oct. 9th, 2017

I need to get in more.


One of the things my guide showed me was that cup and ring marks are portals - doorways to other worlds and realities.

Now listen to this: Especially around the eight minute mark onwards about the Karellian tradition.


Sep. 27th, 2017

On Playgans.

"it says more about people trying to be 'wanna be's' and 'being fashionable' rather than giving true intent to a belief system.....Oh! just like all the other book based religions! well!!!!!! who'd a guessed it?" a Trad Witch wot I know.

Now, most folks don't think of paganism as book based - and it shouldn't be. But. It. Is.

Not only that, the books it is based on are recently written by those who haven't shaken off their cultural and religious programming. They're carrying a lot of baggage and now everyone else is too.

You get the crappy bits of other religious beliefs married with rampant consumerism and self-absorption and the attention-grabbing bits of ancient spirituality (interpreted through the cultural bias of the author).

Result? Bollocks. Unmitigated, dysfunctional bollocks that attracts fuckwits who like attention.

A distraction for the meat golems.

This is why thy like organised "events" and festivals rather than just going off into the woods - or even the back garden - and getting on with it. This is why they join groups and then have a "Witchier than thou" competition until they all start to look like the Grand Poobah of the Grand Order of The Crushed Velvet Robes.

This is why they build self-sustaining, self-policing cults of stupidity and get themselves into the shit. This is why instead of getting rid of the dysfunctional and dangerous types, they turn everything into a big counselling session and try to keep everyone - including the seriously mentally ill and dangerous predators - inside the bubble.

Sep. 20th, 2017

[No Subject]

"Because they've been raised on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Harry Potter and this idea that it.... or it doesn't exist any more than Frodo and Sam and the Lord of The Rings. What they don't understand is that magic is probably one of the most real forces in our society. It is basically the heart of everything from public relations, marketing, advertising, mind control, political spin even, of course, entertainment. It's all there, you know, the changing of will in people but they hear the word "magic" and they don't believe it."

That's the thing of the symbol, that all these meanings, all these ideas and all these emotional, psychological, sexual and social ideas are compressed into these shapes. Like the McDonald's symbol, you know underneath it there's all these horrible burgers and stuff like that. It doesn't matter if you don't like that food you immediately know what that means. The same with all these labels and fashion, the idea of all these, your personal insecurity, how you look, how you think about yourself, your social status, your financial status is all compressed into this logo. It's all compressed into this symbol. That's pure magick.... It's how your programmed to react to that symbol."

Thomas Sheridan

Sep. 13th, 2017


"You know, we have a whole generation now raised on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Charmed, Harry Potter and they've read a few websites on the internet and they think they're witches. They think they can issue Binding Spells. A Binding Spell is just a curse. Make that very clear, it's a is a Curse and Cursing is very, very serious business." Thomas Sheridan.

In addition, a lot of these imbeciles think they're entitled to curse someone for some perceived personal slight or because they don't agree with them. Often these are the magickal equivalent of poison pen letters.

Most of the people who have hurt me in some way have effectively cursed themselves and continue to do so. Wyrd is a real thing - it is a system of cause and effect and not punishment and reward like some feeble-minded New Agers wish it to be.

If someone goes through life lying, cheating, manipulating, abusing, etc, they damn themselves.

This is why NCEA is a great way to deal with toxic people. In the case of MsThundercunt and TCII, I can't imagine what I could come up with to make them more miserable and repellant than they already are.

The biggest shock either of them will ever get is discovering there are people out there who cannot be manipulated and who want nothing to do with them. When one person ghosts them, others find the courage to do likewise. Usually there's a relatively brief period of hysterics and then they're back to being pond scum and associating with dregs like them. They cease to affect me and mine and it's not my job to neutralise them further.

Silence magick is the most effective "curse" there is. You don't have to make someone cease to exist, just cease to exist in your life. The latter is as good as the former and won't backfire on you or others.

Aug. 1st, 2017

Okay, I'll Play...

1. Are you solitary or in a coven?
2. Do you consider yourself Wiccan, Pagan, witch, or other? Other. I have no name for it. I practice withcraft, my beliefs fall under paganism - but also some heathenism, animism, panentheism and I'm technically a Henotheist. So Other.

3. What is your zodiac sign? Virgo.

4. Do you have a Patron God/dess? She Who Mauls.

5. Do you work with a Pantheon? Nope. See "Henotheism".

6. Do you use tarot, palmistry, or 
any other kind of divination? Tarot sometimes, bird augury and dreams.

7. What are some of your favorite herbs to use in your practice? Nettle, lavender, St John's Wort, Plantain, thyme, rosemary, mugwort, oak, hawthorn,

8. How would you define your craft? I don't! Just when you think you know what you're doing something happens and turns everything upside down.

9. Do you curse? If not, do you accept others who do? Nothing wrong with cursing. If you can't curse you can't cure and cursing has often been the only effective option for the impoverished and outcast who cannot access any other form of justice or protection.

10. How long have you been practicing? 28 years.

11. Do you currently or have you ever had any familiars? The cats have never been inclined. Although a couple have been over-familiar! Nah, I often think the familiar thing is misinterpreted and now gets spouted by the Crushed Velvet brigade to make them sound more "woo".

12. Do you believe in Karma or
Reincarnation? Not new-age interpretations of Karma. If you actually look at Karma it's more like the Germanic Wyrd. Reincarnation is complicated and sometimes used as a way to control people - like all religious concepts.

13. Do you have a magical name? Yes.

14. Are you “out of the broom closet”? Because I'm discreet and have long been done with the pagan "scene" I don't get asked. This can be amusing when some crystal encrusted wannabe starts dropping hints our making announcedments about how "witchy" they are. I do live in fear that one day the sarcastic, bitchy comments going through my head will go through my mouth as well...

15. What was the last spell you performed? None of your business.

16. Would you consider yourself knowledgeable? On some things.

17. Do you write your own spells? Yup.

18. Do you have a book of shadows?
If so, how is it written and/or set up? No. I think this blog will be the closest thing.

19. Do you worship nature? I'm part of nature. Worship is a shite word.

20. What is your favorite gemstone? Not that fussed to be honest.

21. Do you use feathers, claws, fur, pelt, skeletons/bones, or any other animal body part for magical work? Yep.

22. Do you have an altar? Yep.

23. What is your preferred element? Oh, they're all necessary.

24. Do you consider yourself an Alchemist? No, I don't have the temperament.

25. Are you any other type of magical practitioner besides a witch? Most folk magicks fall under witchcraft.

26. What got you interested in witchcraft? Folklore and mythology that I studied as a child.

27. Have you ever performed a spell or ritual with the company of anyone who was not a witch? Yes.

28. Have you ever used ouija? No.

29. Do you consider yourself a psychic? Not especially.

30. Do you have a spirit guide? If so, what is it? I have a guide but not the "one man bucket" kind.

31. What is something you wish someone had told you when you first started? Most of what you are being told is bullshit.

32. Do you celebrate the Sabbats? If so which one is your favorite? I celebrate the seasonal tides - harvests, plantings, weather changes and so on.

33. Would you ever teach witchcraft to your children? CHILDFREE. What is it with the "every pagan is a heterosexual breeder" fucking assumptions?

34. Do you meditate? Yes.

35. What is your favorite season? Autumn.

36. What is your favorite type of magick to preform? Galdr.

37. How do you incorporate your spirituality into your daily life? There are no divisions.

38. What is your favorite witchy movie? Robin of Sherwood.

39. What is your favorite witchy book, both fiction and non-fiction. Why? Blackberry Wine. Joanne Harris says she isn't a witch but I'll bet she weighs the same as a duck.

40. What is the first spell you ever preformed? Successful or not. Oathbound.

41. What’s the craziest witchcraft-related thing that’s happened to you? I try to avoid the crazy. I've seen it blow up in people's faces but that's because they tried to fuck with the wrong people - or gods.

42. What is your favourite type of candle to use? Tea lights are fine.

43. What is your favorite witchy tool? My mind.

44. Do you or have you ever made your own witchy tools? Yes but it's also good to go to artisans as well - exchange of money can be a form of magick.

45. Have you ever worked with any magical creatures such as the fea or spirits? I think "magical creatures" is a horrible term. I quite like "more world beings" or just Wights because that covers everything.

46. Do you practice color magic? I'm not American. Colour magick I may use.

47. Do you or have you ever had a witchy teacher or mentor of any kind? I was in a coven and I've learned from others as well. Always be willing to listen to those who have knowledge - but it's also necessary to be able to spot bullshiters, self-aggrandising wankers and the occasional psychopath.

48. What is your preferred way of shopping for witchcraft supplies? I tend to walk up the garden or out in the woods. Other things I've picked up all over the place. It can be from an Artisan or a car boot - I'm the witch, at the end of the day.

49. Do you believe in predestination or fate? No. I do believe in Wyrd which is a very different thing.

50. What do you do to reconnect when you are feeling out of touch with your practice? Just climb back on the horse.

51. Have you ever had any supernatural experiences? Yes, usually they happen and I just go with it and think "that was a bit woo" afterwards.

52. What is your biggest witchy pet peeve? Playgans.

53. Do you like incense? If so what’s your favorite scent? I've always liked juniper berries when they go, bay is good and real frankincense.

54. Do you keep a dream journal of any kind? Yes - see the other blog. That's some weird shit, right there.

55. What has been your biggest witchcraft disaster? Trusting people who turned out to be cunts.

56. What has been your biggest witchcraft success? Waiting for She Who Mauls - having turned down another, very powerful deity TWICE.

57. What in your practice do you do that you may feel silly or embarrassed about? Nothing. Why would I feel silly?

58. Do you believe that you can be an atheist, Christian, Muslim or some other faith and still be a witch too? Witchcraft is a practice, not necessarily a religion or belief.

59. Do you ever feel insecure, unsure or even scared of spell work? Sometimes I feel unsure - anyone who is overconfident soon learns not to be.

60. Do you ever hold yourself to a standard in your witchcraft that you feel you may never obtain? I used to but not now. Older and wiser...

61. What is something witch related that you want right now? I'd love to be custodian of some land - a few hundred acres!

62. What is your rune of choice? Wunjo.

63. What is your tarot card of choice? The Hermit.

64. Do you use essential oils? If so what is your favorite? I use a lot of tea tree and lavender - but they are the most practical. My favourite is actually Geranium.

65. Have you ever taken any kind of witchcraft or pagan courses? Yes.

66. Do you wear pagan jewelry in public? I wear amulets but they aren't the obvious kind. No Pentacles the size of a cocoa tin lid or that kind of bollocks.

67. Have you ever been discriminated against because of your faith or being a witch? No. At the same time I've seen bigotry in the "pagan" community against anyone who isn't "one of them". Fucking superficial hypocrites.

68. Do you read or subscribe to any pagan magazines? *shudders* No.

69. Do you think it’s important to know the history of paganism and witchcraft? Yes. There's a LOT of bullshit out there.

70. What are your favorite things about being a witch? I'm just me, the witchcraft is just part of me.

71. What are your least favorite things about being a witch? See above.

72. Do you listen to any pagan music? If so who is your favorite singer/band? I love Wardruna.

73. Do you celebrate the Esbbats? If so, how? I celebrate all tides.

74. Do you ever work skyclad? Not generally but it's not out of the question either.

75. Do you think witchcraft has improved your life? If so, how? Hard to say. I think my life would be very different without it.

76. Where do you draw inspiration from for your practice? All around.

77. Do you believe in ‘fantasy’ creatures? (Unicorns, fairies, elves, gnomes, ghosts, etc) What a twatty question. Why lump everything together? Do I believe in non-corporeal and/or more/otherworld wights? Yes. Do I believe in rainbow unicorns? No I fucking don't. Fuck off.

78. What’s your favorite sigil/symbol? Eye.

79. Do you use blood magick in your practice? Why or why not? Only when necessary. It works.

80. Could you ever be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t support your practice? No.

81. In what area or subject would you most like your craft to grow? All of it!

82. What’s your favorite candle scent? Do you use it in your practice? Scented candles are gross.

83. Do you have a pre-ritual ritual? (I.e. Something you do before rituals to prepare yourself for them). If so what is it? Sometimes I cleanse myself or the space.

84. What real life witch most inspires your practice? My friend, Trad Witch.

85. What is your favorite method of communicating with deity? I try not to bother them and hope they won't bother me. I do go and sit with the local river goddess.

86. How do you like to organize all your witchy items and ingredients? I don't.

87. Do you have any witches in your family that you know of? I don't have any blood family - by choice.

88. How have you created your path? What is unique about it? It mostly happened without planning. I don't know anyone who does what I do the way I do.

89. Do you feel you have any natural gifts or affinities (premonitions, hearing spirits, etc.) that led you toward the craft? If so what are they? I do get premonitions but rarely anything spectacular or even useful.

90. Do you believe you can initiate yourself or do you have to be initiated by another witch or coven? You have to be initiated into a TRADITION or religion. A witch is something you become.

91. When you first started out in your path what was the first thing or things you bought? Tarot cards were one of my first purchases. Sacred Rose deck.

92. What is the most spiritual or magickal place you’ve been? In the woods, on the shoreline, on the river, in the meadow, under the stars, in moonlight, in sunlight, on a hill, on a mountain, in a cave, beneath a tree, sat on a cliff - you get the idea.

93. What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone who is searching for their matron and patron deities? Stop searching, leave the Gods alone and work with the local wights and sacred places.

94. What techniques do you use to ‘get in the zone’ for meditation? I thought the meditation was supposed to get you in the zone...

95. Did visualization come easily to you or did you have to practice at it? I think being a bookworm throughout childhood was the best practice.

96. Do you prefer day or night? Why? Depends what I'm doing.

97. What do you think is the best time and place to do spell work? Depends what I'm doing. Depends how urgent it is I'm not waiting for some apogee or climbing a fucking mountain if I can throw a handful of salt at it and scream obscenities and get the required result.

98. How did you feel when you cast your first circle? Did you stumble or did it go smoothly? It went well.

99. Do you believe witchcraft gets easier with time and practice? NO! It often gets _simpler_ because we discard what is not necessary.

100. Do you believe in many gods or one God with many faces? Many gods - it's obvious there's a committee running the show. Oh, and none of the fuckers are omnipotent. As soon as you hear the word "omnipotent" know your dealing with the followers' hang ups.

101. Do you eat meat, eggs and dairy? Yes.

102. What is your favorite color and why? Red. Always been my favourite colour.

103. What is the one question you get asked most by non-practitioners or non-pagans? How do you usually respond? "What is your name?". Seriously, I think you need to re-phrase this. I don't generally discuss things with people I don't know so my response is usually "What's it got to do with you?" or "None of your fucking business".

104. Which of your five senses would you say is your strongest? They're all pretty creaky.

105. What is a pagan or witchcraft rule that you preach but don’t practice? There are rules?! I never preach, I just point and laugh.

Jul. 11th, 2017

[No Subject]

Visited two gardens at the weekend. One was Trad Witch's which she's had hard landscaped to make it lower maintenance and provide outdoor space for the family. (This particular outdoor space now includes a hot tub which Hagrid now covets).

The other was Abelard's garden at home - as opposed to his allotment or something he's doing for the Chelsea Flower Show*

Both garden's are small urban spaces on the back of Victorian terraced houses. Probably about the same length as ours but half the width.

Whilst Trad Witch has gone for hard landscaping, Abelard has gone for "The more plants I cram in the less room there is for weeds. Neither possess a lawn or even any area you need more than a hand trowel and fork to maintain.

I think a combination of the two might be the way forward for us. I hate digging and I've never been convinced it's a good idea or really good for the soil. Unless you are growing root veg or some shit you have to sow every year, why dig?

The large rowan has finally died so that will need pruning with a chainsaw - something Hagrid's cousin can do - and then I shall divide the garden into "rooms" with different bits of seating and themes. WE shall keep the one shed for storage but by the time I've finished all the gardening tools we need will happily fit into a tiny lean-to shed or possibly a storage bench. Actually, I think I'll go for the storage bench then it can do double duty.

* I shit you not.

Jul. 6th, 2017

Birds, bees and hedgepigs.

There have been goldfinches in the garden visiting the bird bath - because there's been no rain for weeks. Also long-tailed tits which I have never seen on the bird bath, only in trees until now. These were youngsters - I had to keep very still as I was pegging out washing when they arrived.

I also had to keep very still half way through pruning the big holly at the back when a young blackbird came for a drink and then a bath. THEN I noticed a hedgehog faceplanted in a plastic tray trying to suck water out of the mud at the bottom.

Hagrid was convinced it was a goner but I thought it was just dehydrated. I was right. I put a bowl of clean water in front of it and it had a big drink and perked up. I'm keeping water at ground level now. I used to do this but have hardly been in the garden this year because losing the dog means I get upset when I'm trying to garden and he's not interrupting me.

Anyway, I AM trying to start up again and the greengage and one of the plums are bearing fruit as are the cheap blackcurrants I got from Aldi.

The clematis I bought last year, called Princess Diana, has flowered this year and is doing well. I did stick it where one of the old compost bins was and watered it frequently to get it established. Seems to have worked.

May. 31st, 2017

Angel Wicca

Feckin' new age sewage.

Angels. ANGELS. FFS read a Bible or Quran or an old Hebrew religious texts.

Of course, they also think "faeries" are cute and helpful.

There's no convincing some of these twatwaffles otherwise...

Jan. 4th, 2017

Sitting Out

When folks used to sit out, they would sit on the mounds of their direct and often recent ancestors. There was a continuity of practice and physical (genetic ), emotional, psychic, cultural and environmental link with the occupants. They didn’t rock up to random mounds that were abandoned for several centuries, piss about doing an alien ritual, think they were entitled to attention and then wonder why the occupants were angry.

Dec. 26th, 2016

Traditional Witchcraft

Traditional Witchcraft is a funny term. Wicca is older than quite a few claimed "traditions". There's a LOT of bullshit out there.

I do know some genuine Trads. They rarely describe themselves as "pagan" and often "witch" isn't used either. They work with spirits, do spells, divination, make amulets and talismans, use folk remedies and medicine, know their folklore and do the odd bit of cursing.

What they don't do is draw attention to themselves, have anything to do with the neo-pagan community more than once, give themselves funny titles or romantic sounding names, share their ways with outsiders.

For "religion" they quite often attend a church - mainly Catholic (including old school C of E) - and Christian and Bible magick are often a feature. This, however, doesn't mean they don't also worship their ancestors or have an arrangement with Old Harry. It depends.

I've yet to meet one that tries to look "witchy" or discusses anything with people they've just met. They are also exclusively Family Trads. Not a single one recruits - even from those who have married in. It is _passed_ _down_ never handed over.

King of the Birds

'Tis Boxing Day but I did not hunt the wren.

Instead one has been in the garden searching for food this afternoon.

Good hunting, your Majesty.

Dec. 13th, 2016

Oh, just fuck off.

I've seen some tacky t-shirts and mugs going around with pictures of deities on them.

Tacky. Seaside souvenir crap for "pagans".

It reduces the deities you are supposed to be worshipping to the level of Mickey Mouse. Considering most of them are plastic pagans it's highly appropriate that they surround themselves with this kind of tat.

Know Yourself.

They must know themselves to be tacky, consumerist, flaky, crass, shallow, ignorant, useless twatwaffles in that case.

You can't buy spirituality and buying crap encrusted with deity images or sacred symbols will not bring any kind of magick or spiritual experience to you. It just makes the cynical, fraudsters who produce this kind of shit a bit richer at your expense.

I've always found those who make too much of a display of how pagan they are will either be desperately insecure about their beliefs or fakes of the worst kind.

Now, I can appreciate the aesthetic of Goth style - I quite like it - but it isn't part of paganism or witchcraft. I've never liked the "uniforms" that groups and moots have - if they all look similar their paganism is superficial. It's at the level of the Bay City Rollers fans who used to wear "tartans" in the 70s.

I've said before, magicians, witches and pagans come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and wrappings. I'm of the jeans and t-shirt school (which isn't a school, it's just what I wear). I did try the gothic/hippy thing for a time but it isn't me and it isn't most of those idiots either - they haven't worked it out yet. Some might work it out but the ones who don't are spiritually null. They have to look a certain way, buy lots of trinkets and tat that is "pagan" to make themselves appear pagan, attempt to make themselves feel pagan.

The more shit they have the less pagan they are. I'm not talking about buying rune sets or actual ritual equipment - but those who have to have a pentagram or Thor's hammer on everything, their socks, their knickers, their coffee cups, their cushion covers, etc. Often they have no clue what the symbol means (if they did they wouldn't throw them around) and of all the symbols they have and wear or carry - not a single one was created or empowered properly. It might as well be Mickey Mouse or Chanel - although, if you know about brand logos they're often created magically, which is more than can be said for some of the tat aimed at supposed magick workers.

Just fuck off with that tacky shit.

XPd to the main blog.

Dec. 11th, 2016

Jam on it.

Aldi had some preserving kits in their reduced section for £7.50 so I've got one. Also had to get three others for Pippa,Fleur and Trad Witch. Of course I've missed the Gathering and Gleaning time but might keep an eye out for bargain fruit. I mainly want to make small batches of jellies and sauces to go with meats.

In happy news we popped into the CoOp on the way home this evening and the Tanqueray Gin was £16 a bottle. That's my Yuletide tipple sorted!

Nov. 27th, 2016

"Pansies are happening!"

My response to my neighbour when he enquired, "What's happening?"

There's a few polyanthus happening as well. The pansies were a bit pot bound but should soon spread out and be happy enough in the troughs.

One good thing about falling behind is getting plants reduced because they need to be got rid of.

Also bought some sunflower hearts for the birds. Watched some great tits cleaning the fence panels today and there was a robin about as we as the usual wood pigeons and collared doves.


I need to take out the geraniums and find some winter flowers. Probably pansies for the tubs by the door.

I might also get some more tete a tete bulbs as I don’t know how many of last year's will come up.

Got sewing to do but not much enthusiasm.